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Registration FAQs

  • What can I do after creating the account?

    After you have created your account, you will get a confirmation email to set your password. Next, log in to the nowStudio, add the necessary details for your game and generate a test link to experience your game on the Cloud before you publish it.

  • How do other team members get access?

    The other team members can register as developers for the same company to get access. To do this, they can select the existing company name during registration, provide required details and request access. The Admin (i.e. the person who initially registered the company) will receive an email to approve each account.

  • Are there any registration costs involved?

    No, there are no costs involved while registering your account and testing your game on the cloud. However, the optimization services and publishing your game on the cloud will incur some costs.

  • How can I get help with my account?

    You can reach out to, and we will be glad to assist you.

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    Begin by uploading your game to our platform. It's quick, easy, and sets the stage for testing.

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    Generate test links for your app to share with testers. Gather valuable feedback before going live.

  • Test and Optimize

    Test your app on cloud and optimize for a better performance and user experience

  • Go Live

    Launch your game globally. Boost your revenue and unlock your full potential with our cutting-edge tools and features.

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